Linear Slides

What is a Linear Slide?

Linear slides (sometimes referred to as linear guides) involve a platform sliding component, often referred to as the carriage, that moves over a linear slide rail with as near frictionless motion as possible. The primary purpose of a linear slide mechanism is to provide free motion in one direction.

Whilst they are called linear slides, the actual sliding relies on the rolling motion of bearings. In the case of the linear slides sold by Metrol, these are ball bearings that rotate without slipping or jamming so that there is as little friction in the system as possible, allowing free movement even with very heavy loads. Another important aspect of these precision systems is the close fit between the moving platform and the rail. The fitting of the moving platform to the rail must be precise, resisting movement in any plane other than the intended direction of travel along the rail (no side to side wobble). However, it cannot be such a perfect fit that the sliding platform jams due to friction. Metrol’s linear slides are precision engineered to offer free movement. Friction induced wear and unwanted movement are minimal due to the sophisticated designs of our products in this range.
At Metrol, our linear slides from Accuride operate with a bearing system as part of the slide or the bearings are built into the rail.

What are they used for?

Due to their low friction systems, linear slides are commonly used when heavy loads need moving. They are regularly found in assembly production, machine tools, transport, filming, industrial warehouses and many other industries.

Metrol Provide a Wide Selection of Linear Slides

Our Accuride linear slides range includes slides with load ratings of up to 360KG. Our caged ball bearing slides range has a maximum load capacity of 60KG. A variety of slide lengths are available, and the exact length required can be obtained by cutting the rails, allowing you to create the desired travel ranges (strokes) needed. Furthermore, the slides are made from aluminium, with some slides also finished with zinc plate and blue passivate. It is important to note that the carriages are not sold with the slides and must be purchased separately. The recirculating ball carriages within this range are available with Organo mineral coated or high-grade stainless steel finishes and are available with steel ball bearings or polymer balls for grease-free and quiet movement. Please make sure to read the product PDF datasheets carefully before purchasing to ensure your linear slides and carriages are suitable for your requirements.

Linear Slide Accessories

Within this range, there are many accessories that can enhance your linear slides, including mounting brackets, end stops, drilling jigs, dampeners and attachments for door slides. Browse the ranges to find what you need, and if you have any questions or would like help finding the right solution, please call us on +44 (0)1604 499 332.

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