Anti Vibration Stop Buffers

Minimum order value of £15+VAT.

Metrol Motion Control manufactures and supplies a broad range of anti-vibration mounts suitable for various applications within commercial and industrial sectors. Here is our selection of Stop Buffers, with male and female connections available to meet any installation requirements.

Use the filter on the product page to find exactly the specification you need from physical dimensions to the thread. Download our AVM catalogue to read every specification of Stop Buffer we have in stock.

High-Quality Stop Buffers

Stop buffers are a practical solution to any machine's vibration isolation needs. What makes these anti vibration mounts unique compared to alternatives is their role as a brace (or buffer) that will prevent any harmful collisions between machinery parts.

The metal construction is covered in high-grade rubber that will successfully reduce any impact force to minimal levels. The rubber we use is rated to successfully withstand many environmental issues of an industrial work environment. In addition, their rubber covers come with significant heat, impact and chemical resistance to make sure your stop buffers protect your machine for many years. They can also be installed at other locations, such as behind doors, hatches or panels, to reduce impact damage against the walls they are attached to.

Stop Buffer Manufacturers

At Metrol, we are confident that we have everything you need to reduce your machine's harmful vibrations to minimal levels and ensure it runs smoothly for years to come. We recommend acquiring a selection of our captive flange mounts to make installing your AVM stop buffers as straightforward as possible.

If you'd like any technical support before you order with us, feel free to call us on 01604 499332 during office hours. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours. For any enquires from Nothern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected]