Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Returns

1 . My order history has disappeared from my account. Can I get it back?

Due to a website upgrade, customer accounts no longer hold information for orders made before 27/01/21. This information has not been lost and can be reinstated upon request; contact our administration team to submit a request. Any orders from this point with any account (new or current) will store order information.

2 . What are the advantages of creating an account?

  • You gain the ability to reorder at the click of a button
  • 24hr access to order information placed after 27/01/21
  • A streamlined returns process
  • Store multiple shipping addresses for faster checkouts
  • Streamlined order tracking
  • Access to special offers exclusive to account-holding customers ยท Expedites any applications for credit accounts (where applicable)

3 . Why can I not order locking gas struts online?

There are a large number of variants for locking gas struts, so these are manufactured to order. Contact our technical sales team for more information on our locking gas struts and how to order.

4 . What does it mean if the website shows "Contact us" or shows a lead time?

If "contact us" is shown this could be due to variable lead times on these parts, depending upon manufacturing or supplier lead times.

Where a lead time is given it will indicate that the part is currently not in stock, this means we have stock due in to us within this time or that there may be a manufacturing lead time to have this part into stock and ready for shipping. 

5 . How do I know the parts I require are in stock?

This information is given on the specific product page in question, which is connected to our internal live stock system. Parts in stock will usually be available to be shipped as part of our next-day delivery service (please order by 1.00 pm).