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From the initial design to concept, development, prototype, testing, and full production, we cover the entire lifespan of our gas strut products. Our comprehensive UK manufacturing facility, coupled with our Lesjöfors Group partnership, means we have the ability to manage customer requirements from single units up to hundreds of thousands of units. Our international connections allow us to maintain the highest quality, benefit from high production rates and provide cost effective gas strut solutions to our customers across the globe.

Our High-Quality Gas Strut Products

Here at Metrol Springs, we stock a wide range of gas struts and gas springs for a wide variety of applications. We’re proud to be a leading UK supplier of adjustable adjustable and fixed force gas struts. We’re also more than happy to offer custom struts and fittings where required. Our stock product range covers rod diameters from 6mm up to 25mm and forces from 30n up to 7500N. So, whatever length, stroke, diameter or force you require, we’re sure to have something for your next project.



What are Gas Struts and How Do They Work?

Gas struts are hydro pneumatic rams. The gas/oil filled units provide a smooth controlled movement to lids, hatches and doors. Gas struts are self-contained, maintenance free units. When used in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines, they will give years of trouble-free service. A gas strut consists of a rod that slides in and out of a pressurised sealed tube. The rod has a piston riveted to one end which prevents it from being forced out of the tube when pressurised.

The force of the gas strut is provided by the gas pressure acting on the cross sectional area of the rod. The higher the gas pressure, the higher the force of the strut. The piston has a metering orifice which allows the gas/oil to pass from one side of the piston to the other. By altering the size of this orifice the rate of extension can be varied.

The oil within the gas strut produces the damping characteristics throughout the stroke, subject to correct orientation. As the rod extends from a compressed position the oil zone will dampen the movement as it reaches its full extension, giving a smooth controlled stop. The damping characteristics can be changed by using different viscosity and volume of oil in the tube.

What can our Gas Struts and Springs be used for?

Our gas struts can be found in many industries, including marine, lorries and trailers, industrial machinery, furniture, caravans and motorhomes, access hatches and much more. The versatility of our range makes them suitable for various applications, including upward-lifting doors, hatches, car boots, industrial machinery, and much more.

A common application for our gas struts is within vehicle suspension, where the coil component of the gas strut helps to absorb the impact of vibrations while on the road. There are many benefits of using gas struts for applications that require lifting, counterbalance, damping, tensioning, clamping, ejection, anti-vibration and safety-overload.


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