Car Struts

What Are Car Struts?

Car Gas Struts have been used in the manufacturing and maintenance of cars for decades. They are used across the entire vehicle; in bonnets and boots (tailgates) and in some cases on the doors for wing-span cars. These struts allow you to open the bonnet or boot of your car and are the reason why the boot doesn't fall on your head when you let go of it. As with any gas strut, car gas struts can lose pressure over time, meaning they require re-gassing, or in some cases, need to be replaced. Therefore, when they start to deteriorate, you need to replace them fast. With the help of our guide on how to replace your car gas strut yourself, it may be possible for you to do this without taking the car to a garage.

Which Car Strut Do You Need?

When replacing the struts, it is essential to get the model you need. There are different car gas struts for boots and bonnets, so the strut you require will differ based on placement within your car. If replacing like for like due to wear and tear, you can match the original part OEM number. You will usually find the OEM number on the thick body section of your existing car strut. Some strut OEM numbers feature just numbers, while others also contain letters. When looking for your car's make on our website, you will notice there are different options based on the model, stroke length, and year of manufacture, which can be used as a guide should you not have the original OEM number to hand.

Metrol Are Pleased to Offer a Wide Range of Gas Struts for Cars

We stock struts for an extensive range of car manufacturers, including Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Ford, to mention just a few. Our car struts are provided in stroke lengths from 95mm all the way up to and including 310mm, depending on the opening required for your boot or bonnet. Within these different stroke length ranges, you will find the one that is right for your make and model of car. We also supply struts with the correct average pressure required for your car. This is important as too much pressure can cause the boot of your car to rise quite quickly and drastically, which may cause damage to other components of your car.

High-Pressure Applications

Adjustable gas struts are ideal for use in several different settings, and they can be used as car gas struts too. When you include additional features on your car which increase the weight of what needs to be lifted, you will find that the standard pressure of the strut isn't high enough to hold it up. For example, if you fit an aftermarket spoiler on your car, you may require a higher-pressure tailgate gas strut.

Need Something More Specific?

Can't find what you're looking for in our catalogue of car gas struts for different makes and models? We also offer custom gas struts. Car struts are also used for gull-wing doors, which are becoming more popular, and show cars occasionally require a more custom approach to car struts, and we are happy to help. Simply let us know your required specifications, including diameter, stroke, extended length and the fittings you need, and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss.

Order Car Gas Struts Online Today at Metrol

From Audi A3s to Volkswagen Polos, at Metrol Motion Control, we have an extensive stock of car gas struts suitable for a wide range of brands and models. Whether you're looking for a boot strut, tailgate strut or bonnet strut, we offer a variety of extended lengths and strokes, as well as optional brackets, providing the solution to almost any requirement. Our products are priced on application, so we can provide you with your exact requirements. With UK express and next day delivery options, and international delivery, our high-quality and reliable car struts are available quickly and efficiently to help get your vehicles on the road in no time. Your courier will be DPD for domestic or international shipping.

If you have any questions regarding car gas struts, delivery or any other enquiry, please get in touch with us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.