A Comprehensive Guide to Pick the Perfect Pocket Door Slide

A Comprehensive Guide to Pick the Perfect Pocket Door Slide


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Pocket doors are a fantastic space-saving solution for cabinets and other applications, providing a sleek and modern look while maximising functionality. However, choosing the right pocket door slide can be overwhelming, with many options.

To ensure you select the perfect fit for your needs, it's crucial to have the right information. In this blog, we'll walk you through the essential details required to use the pocket door slide picker effectively and get the right one for yourself.

6 Steps to Check Your Required Measurements

It is essential to accurately measure your application's dimensions to effectively utilise the pocket door slide picker. These measurements will assist in determining the appropriate size of the pocket door slide you should order.

1. Cabinet Depth:

The first key piece of information you need is the cabinet depth. Knowing the exact depth will help the picker recommend a pocket door slide that reaches the back of your cabinet, allowing the door to tuck away neatly inside the application. To measure the Cabinet, Locate the back of the cabinet, which is the farthest point from the front opening. This is where you'll measure the depth. Place a measuring tape or a ruler horizontally across the inside back of the cabinet.

Ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and extends from the back wall to the front opening. Read the measurement on the measuring tape where it aligns with the front opening of the cabinet. Make sure to note down the measurement accurately in millimetres.

2. Door Weight:

The weight of your door plays a significant role in choosing the right pocket door slide. The slide must handle the door's weight while ensuring smooth and effortless movement. This information ensures you avoid issues with the door sticking or not operating correctly.

You can contact the cabinet or application supplier for assistance in determining the door weight, or you may find this information in the installation manual provided. If these options are not available to you, there are alternative methods you can perform on your own.

Use a Scale (Method 1):

If the door is small and light enough, you can use a bathroom scale to measure its weight. Place the door on the scale, ensuring it is balanced and resting evenly on its surface. Read and note down the weight displayed on the scale in kilograms.

Use a Spring Scale (Method 2):

You can use a spring scale if the door is heavier and the bathroom scale is unsuitable. Attach the spring scale to the top edge of the door using a sturdy strap or hook. Make sure the scale is securely fastened.

Gently lift the door until it is slightly off the surface, allowing the spring scale to measure the force exerted by the door's weight. Read the measurement on the spring scale and note it down in kilograms.

3. Door Height:

The door height is another crucial factor in finding a compatible pocket door slide. Different slides are designed to accommodate specific door heights, and choosing the right match ensures stability and durability.

To measure the height of the door, you will need to place a measuring tape vertically along the outer edge of the cabinet door. Ensure that the measuring tape is flush with the edge and extends from the top corner to the bottom corner of the door. Look at the measurement where the bottom edge of the cabinet door aligns with the measuring tape. Note down this measurement in inches or centimetres.

4. Door fitting: Insert or Overlay Fitting:

Regarding pocket door slides, there are two main types of fittings; insert and overlay. Knowing how your cabinet fits on the frame is important when ordering pocket door slides. It's important to know the difference between the two options.

Insert Fittings:

This method involves installing cabinet doors inside the frame, creating a flush surface with the face frame. It offers a clean and traditional look, but precision in measurements and installation is crucial.

Overlay Fittings:

In contrast, overlay fittings allow cabinet doors to cover the cabinet face frame. There are two subtypes: partial overlay, which leaves some of the frame visible between doors, and full overlay, which covers the face frame for a seamless appearance.

5. Mounting Options

Mounting options refer to the orientation of the pocket door slide during installation. The traditional mounting position is in a vertical position, but you have the choice to mount it in a horizontal position if you have a different opening experience.

Vertical Mounting:

In this configuration, the door is installed upright with the primary axis perpendicular to the ground. This style may offer better airflow for cooling and easier access to ports or controls.

Horizontal Mounting:

Horizontal mounting involves positioning the door slide flat on a surface with the primary axis parallel to the ground. It is suitable for spaces with limited vertical clearance and ensures stability.

6. Using Our Online Pocket Door Slide Picker:

With all these specifications in hand, you can now use our online calculator to find the perfect pocket door slide for your application. Simply enter the required details, and the picker will generate a short list of compatible pocket door slides, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ordering process.

With all these measurements, you can now use our online website tool to discover your application's ideal pocket door slide. Just input the information you gathered, and the selector will produce a concise list of pocket door slides that align with your requirements, streamlining the ordering process effortlessly.

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Choosing the right pocket door slide is essential to achieve the ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics for your cabinet or application. Having the necessary information, you can make an informed decision and ensure a perfect fit. Embrace the convenience of pocket doors and let our pocket door slide calculator guide you to the right choice! Or contact us to discuss your needs further with our helpful team.