How Springs are Utilised in Various Industries

How Springs are Utilised in Various Industries

Compressions Springs

The compression spring is the classic design we all picture when imagining a spring. Metrol Springs are one of the UK's leading suppliers of compressions springs, and the classic compression spring is one of the most popular products we sell due to the vast array of applications they are suitable for. We manufacture right-hand coiled compression springs to bespoke specifications to suit our client's needs.
The role of a compression spring is to compress under force, then supply a 'push' motion in response, allowing the spring to return to a resting position when not under pressure. 
Compression springs are adaptable enough to be suitable for many applications and often play an integral role in many machines or devices, such as: 
  • Rail, e.g. door closers 
  • Automotive, e.g. car suspension 
  • Gas & Oil valves
  • Robotics, e.g. linear elastic actuators
These are just a few of the industries we supply compression springs for; the usefulness of compression springs cannot be underestimated and can be found in almost every part of our day-to-day lives.

Different Types of Compression Spring

Many applications require a compression spring to function, but due to the variety of unique requirements involved, not all compression springs are the same. For example, wave springs and Die Springs share similarities with the classic compression spring, but each has its own purpose. You can find compression spring variants listed below for order at Metrol, but if you want a design we don't currently stock, please consider our custom compression spring service
Wave Springs vary the standard helical spring by replacing the round wire with a flat wire. The name 'wave spring' is inspired by the flat wire shaped into a staggered wave motion for extra strength. One of the main benefits of this design is that it provides the same force whilst reducing the height of the spring by up to 50%. The compact design and reduced weight make them a fantastic choice for aerospace applications as well as gas and oil sectors, everywhere where lightweight components are essential. 
Die Springs seem very similar to standard compressions springs at first glance but have some significant differences. Firstly these springs are manufactured with rectangular wire instead of round. This variation is perfect for situations requiring high force compression in confined spaces, such as portable tools. You'll find these extra high-quality springs in the press tools used to repair plumbing, various valves and couplings across multiple industries. You can even find tiny versions inside electronic devices and packing machines. 
Conical springs are also known as tapered springs. These springs are unique with their pyramid-like shape, which allows them to compress much further than standard compression springs. As the spring compresses, each coil sits inside the diameter of the one before; this is called nesting. This spring has been used in thousands of consumer products, from electronics to children's toys.

Constant Torque Springs

The constant torque springs we manufacture at Metrol are incredibly versatile, consisting of a strip material that has been shaped and pre-tensioned into a tightly wound roll. When the strip is extended, the material is under stress and resists the loading force at a constant rate. 
Also known as constant force, This spring is an excellent choice for applications requiring a constant load. You can find constant torque springs in counterbalances such as:
  • Door closers/cable retractors 
  • Gym equipment / electric motors 
  • Space vehicles and aerospace 

Disc Springs

Disc springs are commonly known as Belleville washers. These unique springs are very well suited for applications with limited space that require a high force. They can even be stacked, making them applicable to many different products and applications. This stacking function gives you various forces and characteristics to consider for your specific requirements. 

Tension Springs

We manufacture our tension springs to the highest quality for our customers, but we recommend taking the time to consider your desired wire diameter, free length and spring force before ordering your springs. The most common applications for tension springs are:
  • Garage doors 
  • Trampolines 
  • Agricultural farm machinery

Torsion Springs

As leading wire spring suppliers, we have a lot of experience supplying single coil and double coil torsion springs to suit various applications. The most common torsion spring is the helical looped design, which will exert a rotary force when the attached components are moved. Once pressure is removed, the arms then return to their resting position. Torsion springs are used widely across many applications, including:
  • Agriculture, e.g. tractor ploughs, fertiliser distributors and sprayers 
  • Automotive sector, e.g. gear shifters, clutches, valves 
  • Gas & Oil valves
  • Medical equipment, e.g. hospital beds, dental equipment 
Clock Springs, as the name suggests, are often found in watches, but they are not limited to just one function. These springs are often called flat torsion springs to avoid confusion. However, unlike torsion springs, which are typically made from round wire, clock springs are manufactured with flat metal strips. 
Any application requiring a smooth retraction system, retrieving or returning, will likely require a clock spring. These can be small, such as those used in festival lanyards or wind-up toys, or large, such as those installed into vehicle steering systems. 

Premium Spring Suppliers

If you need help choosing the correct spring type or specification for your application, please don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced staff, and we will help you find what you need.