Lesjofors wire springs – what is their stock springs range?

Lesjofors wire springs – what is their stock springs range?
Roughly 3 years ago, Metrol joined the Lesjofors group, a subsidiary of Beijer Alma, an international corporation that specialises in developing industrial companies supplying manufacturing components. Since then we have been able to broaden our product ranges, not only adding variations to our existing offerings but in some cases, whole new ranges. For example, our wire spring products are supplied by Lesjofors who are in the position to be able to guarantee stock, this is why they are often referred to as their stock spring range.
The Lesjofors stock spring range consists of a vast multitude of wire spring products, including coil springs, spring washers, rings, pins and clips that are always in stock. These are available for same day dispatch (depending on warehouse workload) on a next day delivery courier service.
It is because of us being a part of this large group that we can offer this stock range which includes:
Our manufacturing capability has also increased to the point where we can offer a huge array of options for prototyping or large scale production orders. For example, we can now offer pressings which would be produced by our sister company European Springs Ltd, and due to our relationship, any work we push through them is prioritised and expedited. This is just one example from around 40 manufacturing plants we now have at our fingertips. All with different manufacturing techniques and capabilities for bespoke projects or repeat orders.
Distribution has also been upgraded; our reliable global distributors are very much still intact but are now bolstered by that of the groups distribution network. This means we can practically ship via road, sea or air freight from almost anywhere in the world, from any one of our trusted partners.
Finally, current warehouse capabilities mean greater flexibility enabling us to hold much larger stocks for customer call off orders. This is particularly useful for customers wanting to achieve certain price breaks or to avoid fluctuations in costs but don’t have the space requirements to hold large stockpiles. 
Being part of such a large group give us the freedom to have a greater range of products in stock for next day delivery on site, this not only includes wire springs but specifically for Metrol, the products we’re known for such as gas struts, gas springs, access hardware, Accuride drawer slides, Anti Vibration Mounts and Threaded Inserts also benefit.