Metrol Showcases Motion Control Technologies at Trade Shows

Metrol Showcases Motion Control Technologies at Trade Shows
Recently Metrol Springs have been exhibiting at trade shows up and down the UK, visiting areas such as London, Birmingham, Dublin, and Glasgow, to name a few. It's all part of a brand refresh involving a huge range of new and exciting products. From locks and hinges to slides and springs, our latest product offering has something for every industry.
Metrol now boasts a vast array of product ranges:
More than this, and in many cases, we're actually broadening the approach many of our customers have towards how they use and operate their applications. An interesting example is in the Agricultural industry, whereby replacing hydraulics with specialist gas springs actually opens up more tremendous advantages such as:
  • Higher force availability in less space
  • Higher force on contact
  • Built-in damping
  • Monitor and adjust the pressure
  • Longer life cycle
  • Option to overhaul instead replace
  • No power source requirement

In the commercial body fitting sector, we regularly introduce installers to better suited products, such as gas struts in favour of mechanical stays and slam latches in place of basic pull handles. From a functionality point of view, they may appear to do similar jobs, but actually, gas struts offer additional features such as the ability to adjust weight load capacity once installed and lesser space requirement. 
The advantage of a slam latch over a pull handle is two-fold; not only does a slam latch serve the functionality requirement of the pull handle but also enhances it with that of a lock, keeping the application door or hatch closed after use.
Finally, many of the enquiries we receive are to replace proprietary parts. Nine times out of ten, we can supply a like-for-like product that not only serves the customer's current requirements but also saves them money. 
This is evident across all our ranges but more recently in our access hardware range. This is in the form of electronic swing handles which for many years have been dominated by OEMs who have been able to put a high price tag on such products due to the lack of availability and competition. Any companies we speak to now are surprised and relieved when they find out our electronic swing handles are designed to fit industry-recognised panel cut-outs. This has been exceptionally well received by manufacturers and distributors of security enclosures such as telecom cabinets or server racks.
Appearing at exhibitions not only thrusts our brand and products into the forefront for many of our customers but also allows our sales technicians to speak to tool designers and application engineers, IE, the people who install the products we sell and know first-hand the pain points that are faced. This is important because the people who understand these issues are the same people who will introduce the following new product.
As we advance, Metrol will be exhibiting at many more trade shows in the next few years, showcasing our vast array of stock products and prototypes of future developments in the pipeline. You may have seen us at the Hillhead show in Buxton between 21-23rd June, next we’ll be at the UK Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference in Glasgow on 13th October and then the Emergency Service Show in Birmingham from 21-22 September to name a few.
Hillhead show, Buxton
Set to the backdrop of a huge quarry, the Hillhead show is the largest of its kind in the world for exhibitors from the quarrying, construction and recycling industries. This year organisers celebrate 40 years with over 600 exhibitors in attendance, including ourselves. You can find us on stand: RD14.
UK Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference
Held in the SEC in Glasgow, the exhibition aims to provide a forum for debate for manufacturers and operators alike involved in supply chains across Scotland. So come along and say hello!
Emergency Service Show
Joining over 10,000 professionals involved in emergency services across not only the blue light sector but various industries, visitors will be able to learn about all the new and exciting developments coming up in the next few years. Held in the Birmingham NEC, be sure to visit us.
As usual, more information and updates will be available via our website: or our LinkedIn page:
Alternatively, you can contact our sales team for more information by email: [email protected] or on +44(0)1604 499 332.