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Conical Springs

What is a Conical Compression Spring?

Also known as tapered springs, conical compressions springs are a type of helical wire compression spring where the diameter of each coil is smaller than the diameter of the last coil. Their appearance is cone-shaped, although it varies from barely conical to very pyramidal, depending on the difference in parallel coil diameters. Under compression, the gradually decreasing diameter coils of the spring can compress to be inside the outer coil in succession. This is called nesting and can allow conical compression springs to flatten completely when under compression.

Advantages of a Conical Compression Spring

Conical compression springs are often more advantageous than cylindrical compression springs where axial space is limited. Since the conical springs allow the coils to fold around each other when the spring is compressed, space is maximised, and the compressed state of the spring is very stable.


CL = Compressed Length
TC = Total number of coils
Fst = Spring force in Newtons at full compression


Spring steel EN 10270-1-SM
Stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310

Max. working temperature:

EN 10270-1 = 120 °C
EN 10270-3-1.4310 = 250 °C

1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp


Common Uses

These springs are commonly found in electronics as battery connectors, but due to their stability, they are also used in machinery, such as lawnmowers and other industrial equipment like stamping presses. They are used in medical devices for a range of functions.

Metrol’s Springs

Here at Metrol, we supply a wide range of conical compression springs and have springs available within our standard conical spring range with varying diameters, load, coil number, solid length, unloaded lengths, etc. Please consult the coil spring product table below or view our coil springs catalogue for full specifications. Alternatively, if you cannot find a suitable spring for your needs, we also manufacture bespoke conical springs to your exact requirements.

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