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Our Motion Control division manufactures superior lift off hinges in the UK here at Metrol. Lift off hinges are made up of two components that pull apart. This is a standard solution used to gain emergency access to fully enclosed sanitary compartments.

Take a look at our range below and choose your desired lift off hinges in black or any other finish, material, opening angle and mounting option. Then, use the filter on the left to find your desired specification quickly. Alternatively, our complete catalogue is available for download with more details on what is available.

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  1. 2201 Lift Off Hinge in Black with 5.3mm Through Holes Holes
    2201 Lift Off Hinge in Black with 5.3mm Throu ...
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    • Colour/Finish: Black Powder Coated
    • Material: Zinc Die
    • Size: 63x15mm
    • Opening Angle: 180°
    • Mounting Options: 5.3mm Through Holes, M5 Threaded Holes
    • Axial Load Capacity: 307Kg per hinge
    • Radial Load Capacity: 219Kg per hinge

    Price Range:
    £2.69 - £4.25

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High-Quality Customisable Lift Off Hinges

Lift off hinges are helpful for businesses where you may regularly need to remove the door for large deliveries or when moving furniture. The solid pin mounts to the door frame with the hollow pin mechanism attached to the door, allowing it to be removed easily.

These are also known as removable or detachable hinges due to the ease at which they can be disassembled or reassembled. This makes them an efficient choice when mechanical or other doors must be removed for maintenance or emergency access is required.

Examples of when a lift off hinge is an excellent choice are for children or elderly persons rooms. The detachable design of these hinges means if there was an accident and the door was blocked, you can easily gain entrance by lifting the door off its hinges. This also applies to rooms for people with special needs who may need help but cannot reach the door to unlock it.

A Range of Lift Off Hinges Available at Metrol Motion Control

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