Key Locking Threaded Inserts

The high-quality range of key-locking threaded inserts we manufacture at Metrol suits nearly every application. They can be installed with a thick or thin thread wall capable of withstanding significant pressure. These parts are commonly used for thread reinforcement and can be relied upon to provide a robust and permanent solution. In addition, the locking keys will prevent the insert from rotating and be a perfect solution for any stripped or damaged threads in your application.

Varied Key Locking Inserts to Buy at Metrol

As experienced manufacturers of key-locking thread inserts, we understand that there isn’t one component suitable for every application. Metrol supplies two popular options that cover most situations:

We also provide bespoke solutions in the form of custom self-tapping threaded inserts and custom wire thread inserts to meet any application's needs.

You can download our complete Metserts catalogue to learn more about the range of specifications we supply. Additionally, each specification of steel spring clip comes with a downloadable CAD file that can supply you with essential data to assist your machine design process.

We also supply key-locking installation tools to assist with implementing your new threaded inserts. We've got all you need for your next project.

If you'd like any technical support before you order with us, feel free to call us on 01604 499332 during office hours. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours. For any enquires from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected]