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Wire springs are mechanical objects that deform under force but return to their original form once the force is removed. As wire spring manufacturers, we here at Metrol supply coiled wire, flat, and disc springs from our partnerships within the Lesjöfors group. The spring's ability to store and release energy due to its shape makes it very useful in a wide variety of applications.

Material Selection: Unalloyed and Stainless Spring Steel

Our spring production extensively involves unalloyed and stainless spring steels. Choose unalloyed steel for cost-effectiveness in non-weathering environments. Conversely, stainless steel presents durability benefits for outdoor applications or those involving high temperatures. Understanding your chosen spring's material and composition enhances its durability and function. For a comprehensive discussion on our wire spring materials, call us on 01604 499332.

Choosing the Right Wire Spring

When selecting from our wire springs online, thoroughly explore the product specification sheets. You'll learn essential details like the operational temperature range, which is crucial for determining the spring's suitability for your specific use. Temperature influences the spring's performance and lifespan, making this consideration vital. If questions arise, reach out to Metrol, your trusted spring suppliers in the UK. We ensure our springs are a perfect fit for your requirements and provide custom spring services for unique applications.

As wire spring suppliers, we also stock a wider range of standard and small spring designs online for UK delivery. Our wire springs range is comprised of the following:

Wide Range of Stock Spring Types

Beyond our comprehensive range of wire springs, we also supply high-quality washers, rings, nuts, pins, and clips. Our categories offer specific information about each wire spring type, such as conical and wave springs tailored for limited-space applications. Additional specification details include free length, wind direction, spring force, spring deflection pitch, and finishing material.

Metrol: Your Online Spring Suppliers in the UK

Expect swift delivery without extensive stock wire spring collection within the UK via our Next Day or Express delivery options. For international customers, we provide shipping via our DPD courier. If you can't find your desired spring, remember we are also custom spring manufacturers. Provide us with the specifications, and our experienced team will assist in finalising the design.

We further supply an assortment of spring kits with varying specifications, ideal for general workshop use or precision engineers. Whether you are looking for small springs, large wire springs or any alternative components, such as our Accuride drawer slides or award-winning gas struts for beds, Metrol Springs will satisfy your needs.