Accuride Slides

As a reputable supplier for Accuride, our commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction enables us to provide the best drawer slides available: Accuride Drawer slides.

Accuride Drawer Slides - Streamlined Functionality with Unmatched Durability

Accuride Drawer Slides (or runners) are largely renowned for their dependability, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. These runners offer smooth and silent operation, ensuring a satisfactory experience. Whether you're looking for light or heavy-duty drawer runner solutions, our full range of Accuride Drawer Runners promises to satisfy your application's specific needs.

Why Choose Metrol for Your Drawer Runners?

When you choose Metrol as your Accuride Drawer Slides supplier or your spring and access hardware provider, you invest in the following:

1.    Quality Guarantee: Authentic, durable products for all your motion-related needs.
2.    Expert Guidance: An experienced team assisting you in choosing the appropriate products.
3.    Fast Delivery: Efficient delivery of in-stock items.
4.    After-Sales Support: Comprehensive assistance for all aspects of the sales journey.

Choosing Your Drawer Slides

Our Accuride drawer runners are categorised into light duty, medium duty and heavy duty drawer runners. The load ratings span from 11kg in the light-duty range all the way up to 600kg in the heavy range. As well as variable load ratings, there are many other features you can select using the filters on each category page. You can filter using the following specifications:

  • Load rating - The total weight of the drawer or unit with the intended content weight included.
  • Slide length - The unextended length of the sliding unit.
  • Slide thickness - The thickness of the sliding unit (this is important to consider, as it will encroach on the maximum width of the drawer or panel when standard mounted). You must allow for +0.2 to 0.5mm on top of the slide thickness to allow for smooth operation of the slides.
  • Slide extension - This is the percentage of the length of the slide that extends outwards. Metrol offers a range of extensions from 75% to 100%+ with over-travel capabilities. It is important to understand slide extension when designing your drawer, as this will impact accessibility if not fully factored in during the design. Conversely, you must select an extension that will maximise the accessibility of your existing drawer or unit.
  • Runner height - This is the height of the drawer slides and must be considered in relation to the depth of the drawer or unit that will be attached to the slides.
  • Other Specifications - You can filter many other specifications in our Accuride slide category pages, including whether you want to buy the slides in pairs or individually. For more information about the technical specifications of each slide, please view the slide information sheet.

You can also select drawer slides based on features such as detent, soft close, lock-in, lock-out, anti-tilt, disconnect, touch release, corrosion resistance, colour and many other options.

UK Supplier of Accuride Runners

Metrol Motion Control is your ideal source for fluid movement and reliable motion control solutions. Offering a comprehensive range of ideal products like Accuride Drawer Slides, springs, and access hardware components, Metrol ensures quality, efficient delivery, and outstanding support.

Browse our website today to explore all these products and services and take the first step towards unrivalled motion control solutions with Metrol Motion Control. Apart from Accuride Drawer Slides, we pride ourselves on being a top spring supplier in the UK and an extensive access hardware component supplier, offering an array of solutions for diverse applications.

These slides are available to the home DIY enthusiast as well as for trade use. You can set up a trade account to receive several benefits as a trade customer. If the slides are in stock, you can order before 3 pm to receive your product (for UK-based shipment) within 1-2 days with FedEx. Alternatively, you can pay for Express Delivery to receive your slides before 12 pm the following day (working days only). 

Some of our slides have an estimated lead time; unfortunately, these are not eligible for Express Delivery. We also ship internationally. If you have any questions surrounding Accuride Draw Slides, delivery or anything else, please get in touch today.