Gas Strut Mounting Brackets

At Metrol Springs, we can manufacture superior gas strut mounting brackets. Our brackets allow for the attachment of your gas strut to your chosen application.

We manufacture only the best mounting brackets, specifically to your required specifications. With your chosen bracket angle, mounting centre, stud type and materials, you can be confident that we have the right product for you.

We can supply them consisting of a range of materials to suit your application's required specifications:

  • Brackets made of mild steel and a bright zinc finish
  • Steel brackets are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • On special request, other materials are available

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Our gas strut brackets can be designed with inside angles or straight up. They can have mounting centres from 22.5mm to 32mm and a ball stud type. They can also be shaped into either triangular shapes, circular or an internal right angle.

Additionally, ensuring that your gas strut will match your chosen end fitting or bracket is essential. You can browse our range of high-quality gas struts on our website. By choosing us to manufacture your struts as well as your mounting brackets, you can be confident in the compatibility and quality of your products.

If you have any questions about our gas strut mounting brackets, please feel free to call us on 01604 499332 during office hours. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours. For any enquires from Nothern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected]