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disc springs

Disc Springs

We stock a large variety of high-quality Disc Springs

Disc springs are particularly suited for use in applications that require a high force but have limited space. They can be applied to a variety of products due to their stacking abilities. By combining the springs in various ways, it is possible to obtain different forces and characteristics.

Fitting a Disc Spring

Disc Springs can be statically loaded as a single spring or dynamically subjected to load cycling by stacking in multiples, parallels or a combination of both.

The disc springs we stock are of the highest quality and have a special profile, which keeps the inner diameter unchanged when the spring is compressed. As a result, our disc springs produce very little friction, exhibit low working loss and have a considerably longer lifespan.

Disc springs for static load

We can manufacture disc springs of a simpler design in varying material qualities. These disc springs are intended for static loads, e.g. as tensioning washers in a threaded joint reinforcement.

Custom dimension Disc Springs

Upon request, we can manufacture custom disc springs using both standard materials and special materials, e.g. stainless, acid-proof and heat-resistant materials, in a wide selection of qualities.

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F = Spring force in Newtons

Material and Finish

Shot peened, phosphated, blackened and oiled
1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp
Material: CK 67/51CrV4

Packs and Stock

Disc springs are sold only in the pack sizes shown below. This does not apply to DS low force or DS-S (stainless steel), they are sold individually.

≤ 28 x 14.2 x 1.5 = 200 pcs
≥ 31.5 x 16.3 x 1.25 = 100 pcs
≥ 40 x 14.3 x 1.25 = Individually
Disc springs up to De < 150 are kept in stock.