AVMs are a low-cost and effective component with various uses across many industry sectors. Metrol Motion Control supplies various AVMs at varying specifications to suit our customer's needs.

Use the filter on each product page to find the exact specifications you need. Additionally, you can download our complete AVM catalogue to review every detail of our stock products.

What is an Anti Vibration Mount?

Anti vibration mounts, also known as AV Mounts or AVMs, are key components in reducing noise and vibration in heavy machinery and equipment.

Machinery used in various industries, such as agriculture and the defence sector, can be subject to excessive noise and vibrations, which affects the longevity, efficiency and safety of the equipment used. Anti vibration mounts possess effective shock absorption properties and act as a vibration dampener to reduce noise and improve the lifespan of machine applications.

Various AV Mount Designs

We stock various AVM designs to suit varied applications across commercial and industrial businesses. Our selections consist of the following:

High-Quality Anti Vibration Mounts Suppliers

At Metrol, we are confident we have everything you need to secure your machinery and increase its lifecycle. As experienced anti vibration mount suppliers, we have a long history of helping customers choose the best ones to suit their needs. Choosing AV mounts will depend on a selection of specific factors such as temperature tolerances, loads, working environment and the required vibration dampening. Read more about choosing the right AVM in our associated guide to AVMs.

Each of these highly sought-after components comes with helpful documentation related to their specifications, materials and tolerances to ensure you know your AVMs' precise capabilities.

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