Anti Vibration Mounts

What is an AVM?

Anti vibration mounts, also known as AV Mounts or AVM’s, are key components in reducing noise and vibration in heavy machinery and equipment.

AVM’s are a low cost and effective component, with a range of different uses across many industry sectors.

Why use an AVM?

Machinery used in a variety of industries such as agriculture and the defence sector can be subject to excessive noise and vibrations which affects the longevity, efficiency and safety of the equipment used.

Anti vibration mounts possess effective shock absorption properties and act as a vibration dampener to reduce noise and improve the lifespan of machine applications.

Selecting the right solution

  1. Determine the total weight of the equipment & number of mountings required.
  2. Calculate the weight on each mounting (Consider that weight may not be evenly distributed).
  3. Determine the running speed (or forcing frequency) of the equipment.
  4. Determine the static deflection of the mounting from the chart to the right (Generally 70% Isolation is acceptable for most applications).
  5. Based on the load per mounting, select a suitable mounting type to give the required static deflection, considering the specific application requirements, such as whether the equipment is Mobile or Static.
  6. Ensure that all connections & services to the equipment, such as exhausts, pipework and ducting are flexible in order to allow the equipment to move freely.