Friction/Torque Hinges

Metrol Motion Control manufactures a range of high-quality torque hinges suitable for various applications. Torque hinges help provide friction resistance to the pivoting motion of the hinge. This resistance makes torque hinges adept at holding lids, panels and doors at your desired angle for long periods.

We offer an excellent range of materials, opening angles and mounting options. Use the filter on the left to find your desired specification quickly. Alternatively, our complete catalogue is available for download with more details on what is available.

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High-Quality Custom Torque/Friction Hinges

An essential part of our access hardware stock, torque hinges are commonly known as friction hinges or free-stop hinges. Torque hinges generate friction as the hinge is moved, which enables a free-stop functionality that allows the hinge to stop at any angle without needing separate components such as stoppers.

This hinge design can provide improved functionality to many applications within various industries. Examples of this hinge in operation can include holding monitors in fixed positions without drifting or having control panels in manufacturing facilities.

These include our detent screw on hinges. These hinges are also excellent at holding doors open at any designated angle, whether 80°, 115°, 150° or free swinging. It comes with a M5 threaded stud as your mounting option to increase stability when installing it.

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We’ve got all you need for your next project. If you’d like technical support before placing your order with us, consider downloading our documentation and CAD files for more details on the specific product. Additionally, you can contact us directly either by calling us on 01604 499332 during office hours or using our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours about our torque hinges in the UK. For any enquiries from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected].