Rubber Edge Trims

Metrol Motion Control has been supplying a range of high-quality rubber edge trims in various designs for many different applications. Each of these edge trims and gaskets is available in multiple finishes, materials and dimensions to ensure they best suit our customers' needs.

Browse our rubber extrusion seals below to read more of their specifications. Alternatively, you can download our complete catalogue to see more of our range of rubber edge protectors and gaskets.

High-Quality Rubber Profiles

Bubble gaskets are essential for providing secure, watertight seals against wind and rain. These rubber extrusions are often referred to as bubble gaskets due to the distinctive shape of their designs. The curved rubber profiles are highly effective at establishing a tight seal as the top bubble will compress as a window or door is closed. This compression seal is used for doors, cabinets, freezers and more. In addition, the rubber edge seal ensures no space for water, dirt or draughts to pass through.

Our U channel rubber edge trims are also an excellent choice for more industrial needs. For example, rubber U trim is commonly used as a protective edge for metal sheets or plates. The seal also provides a shield from sharp objects for doors, hatches and covers.

We also offer self-gripping gaskets of various specifications to suit our customers' needs. This range of rubber edge trim seals is formed into a U shape, enabling them to quickly press the component over the edge of any door or hatch without needing assistive adhesives.

Rubber Edge Trims and Rubber Extrusions Available Online

These essential components are used throughout every sector, both industrial and commercial. We ensure that the gaskets we supply are of the highest quality so our customers can be confident that they will constantly operate effectively.

If you’d like technical support before placing your order with us, consider downloading our documentation and CAD files for more details on the specific product page. Additionally, you can contact us directly by calling 01604 499332 during office hours or using our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours