Adjustable Gas Struts

Why Choose a Variable Force Gas Strut?

A standard adjustable gas strut is manufactured in a similar way to a standard gas strut. A central rod extends into a sealed cylinder containing nitrogen gas and a small amount of lubricating oil. This precision mechanism acts like a metal spring however the forces are generated from the compressed nitrogen. Adjustable gas struts are often more compact and reliable than wire springs when implemented into their usual applications.

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The adjustable struts’ ability to adjust the exerted force means they are beneficial in many different applications. Situations where this is advantageous include:

  • You need a strut for a given application but do not know what force is required.
  • You are replacing a strut but do not know what the previous strut was rated to.
  • You have an application that has multiple variants where the force requirements are different (e.g. you are building a prototype and want to do testing with variable strut ratings)

In addition, the outcome of using variable force gas springs can be a much more cost-effective solution than using custom gas springs.

Metrol Are Pleased to Offer a Wide Range of Adjustable Struts

We stock struts with heat-treated (QCQ) rods with diameters from 6mm up to and including 20mm. Within these different diameter ranges, we offer struts of varying lengths, and each gas strut can vary in force from 30-400N depending on how they are adjusted. When browsing our extensive range, look out for the NS-V code, which denotes adjustable struts made from steel where the strut body is powder-coated. The NS-SS-V code indicates stainless steel adjustable struts with a chrome-plated rod and stainless steel body, which is a more corrosion-resistant option, particularly suited to marine and coastal environments. Please remember to add 5mm to the body length for each of our stainless-steel adjustable gas struts.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Adjustable gas struts are ideal for use in several different settings, from light duty to heavy duty use. All our variable force struts have long-lasting gland seals for heavy duty applications. Common uses are listed below:

  • Machine guards
  • Electrical control cabinets
  • Car bonnets
  • Car boots (tailgates)
  • Cupboards
  • Beds
  • Access hatches and doors

When using struts for the above applications and others, we would always recommend the use of ball joints to avoid side loading and uneven wear of the piston rod and seals. For our adjustable gas strut range, we provide detailed installation instructions, including the use of gas strut brackets and end-fittings. Please also note that when choosing your desired variable force gas struts on our individual product pages, the extended length will increase when adding end fittings.

Varying the Force of Your Adjustable Gas Struts

Our variable force gas struts contain a pressure release valve. This is what makes them adjustable. All our struts start with a force that is at the top of the force range (400N). When adjusting using the Allen key provided, the pressure in the cylinder will drop, lowering the force. To reduce the force, use an anti-clockwise turning motion with the Allen key for a quarter turn. Venting the gas for one second will reduce force by approximately 20-50N, depending on the range. We recommend testing the struts in their desired application after each vent to check they are at the correct force. Based on the positioning of the release valve, you will be relieved to learn that you do not have to remove the unloaded strut from its application when venting unless not doing so creates additional hazards. Repeat this process until you are happy with the resistance and support provided by the variable force struts. Make sure to repeat the process by an equal amount on the other strut. Full adjusting instructions can be read here.

Need Something More Specific?

We can also create custom gas struts. Simply let us know your required specifications, including diameter, stroke, extended length, force and the fittings you need, and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss.

Order Online Today at Metrol

If you are interested in ordering adjustable gas struts from Metrol and shipping to the UK, you can benefit from either a Next Day delivery service providing the products are in stock and ordered before 3pm, or you can choose Express Delivery which guarantees delivery before 12pm the next day (working days only). We also ship internationally, and your courier will be DPD for domestic or international shipping. If you have any questions regarding adjustable gas struts, delivery or any other enquiry, please get in touch with us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Safety Note

Adjustable gas struts can be hazardous as they are filled with compressed nitrogen. Whilst our range includes struts that can operate from -30C to +80C, they should be protected from damage and never opened, modified, drilled, welded or subjected to excessive heat. We also sell gas strut protection tubes which may be required depending on the application.