Traction Gas Struts

Traction gas struts, despite their name, work in the opposite direction to standard gas struts. Rather than exerting an extension (pushing force), they pull applications together and are often used in return assist motions. For example, one common use is to close a lid, flap or ramp.

How Does a Traction Gas Strut Work?

Like a gas strut, there is a body component pressurised with nitrogen gas. A rod moves in and out of the body element with lubrication to assist smooth motion. However, unlike a traditional strut, the rod is in its relaxed position when inside the cylinder. When the rod is extended, the cylinder acts to pull the rod back in through a controlled movement. This makes traction gas struts excellent for any lid or flap that closes in the vertical range of motion and needs controlling to ensure gravity does not slam the lid shut.

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When Are They Used?

As previously mentioned, they are commonly used for controlled movement in lid or stay closure. Traction gas struts are also used to dampen opening mechanisms by providing resistance to the opening force. This can help make the opening motion smoother and also more controlled. They are very versatile as they are available in a wide range of different forces.

Traction Gas Struts at Metrol Motion Control

We provide traction gas struts in a wide range of forces. Our 8mm (rod diameter) traction gas struts can provide between 50-600N of force with varying stroke, compression and extension lengths available. They can provide a range of force as they are variable traction gas struts meaning you can alter the pressure within the cylinders to customise the struts to your intended application. Our 10mm traction gas struts provide between 150-1500N, with various stroke, compression and extension lengths available. You can order our traction gas struts online with the option of dampening or non-dampening, and you can choose to have 316 stainless steel gas struts. This material is ideal when the struts will be applied to demanding environments such as outside. They are also suitable for use in the food industry or similar sterile environments, as they are corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

If you cannot find the traction gas strut you require. We can manufacture bespoke traction gas struts that can have either a variable or fixed force. Simply fill out our online enquiry form for custom gas struts.

Extension Spring or Traction Gas Strut?

Extension springs (also referred to as tension springs) are wire springs that provide force along the same axis as traction gas struts. They are a versatile spring and often cheaper than traction struts; however, they are limited in strength by comparison. Traction gas struts can provide a much greater pull force for your application.

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If the struts you require are in stock, you can order online today to receive Next Day or Express delivery via our DPD courier (working days only). This applies to all UK orders, however, we do also offer an international shipping option. For any assistance with the selection of your traction gas struts or any similar queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.