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Accuride Pocket Doors Slides: Technology from Leading Specialists

Accuride are leading manufacturers of precision control motion technology, from drawer slides to linear motion tracks to pocket door slides.

Why Choose a Pocket Door Slide?

These quality mechanisms use a ball bearing slide or tracking system to slide doors out of view. Due to their retracting feature, the doors sit inside the cabinet, offering a space-saving solution compared with traditional doors that occupy space when opened. These slides are popular for use in kitchens, showroom displays, television units and other cabinetry. Pocket door slides give you a neat, clutter-free aesthetic in both commercial and domestic settings. Another benefit of pocket door slides is their functionality — they are an excellent choice for small bathrooms or bedrooms that may not have the space for a full swing door or for those looking for a minimalist feel.

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Metrol Supply a Wide Range of Pocket Door Slides

You will find six Accuride pocket door slide models available in various slide lengths, travel ranges, heights, and finishes in this range. Each slide has a maximum load, door thickness, door height and width.

  • 1234
    This pocket slide can be used horizontally and vertically with a maximum door weight of 14kg. The door thicknesses compatible with this slide range from 16-32mm. Maximum compatible door dimensions are 1100mm high by 610mm wide. It is available in lengths ranging from 354mm to 608mm.
  • 1312
    Suitable for horizontal or vertical use, this slide can hold a door up to a maximum weight of 5.5kg. This is one of our lighter-weight rated door slides, compatible with door thicknesses ranging from 16-24mm, with a maximum door height of 900mm. These slides range in length from 350mm to 600mm.
  • 1319
    The combination of the 1316 and 1319 pocket slides allows for synchronised movement and increases the compatible door weight (25kg maximum) and size (up to 2300mm). Door thickness can be 16-20mm. Vertical side mounting is only available with this set-up. For more information about setting up this system, please download the Accuride product catalogue and consult page 125. Both products must be purchased separately. When 1319 is used on its own, the maximum door weight is 5.5kg but can be used horizontally or vertically. The door thicknesses can still range from 16mm to 20mm however maximum door height is 700mm.
  • 1321
    To be used with doors up to a weight of 14kg, this pocket slide has an auto-open mechanism that pushes the doors open the last 32mm of travel. Slide lengths range from 405mm to 710mm, and door thicknesses must be between 19-38mm. It is suitable for vertical mounting only with a maximum door size of 1065mm high by 610mm wide. This product also features an anti-sag adjustment mechanism.
  • 1432
    This is the heaviest duty slide available in the Accuride range, able to mount a maximum door weight of 34kg. It utilises a cable system for synchronised slide operation. The maximum door height and width that can be fitted is 2300mm and 660mm, respectively, and slide lengths range from 303mm to 710mm. The wood thickness should be between 19mm and 32mm. This pocket slide can only be vertically mounted.

When browsing the Metrol range of pocket door slides, we highly recommend downloading the product specifications and information to ensure that your chosen slide will be suitable for the intended application. Please note that hinges, base plates, and follower strips are not supplied with the pocket slides and must be purchased separately. Hinge recommendations are included in the Accuride catalogue to help inform on which to purchase in conjunction with each slide.

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