What Has Metrol Motion Control Been up to This Year?

What Has Metrol Motion Control Been up to This Year?
With over half the year passed, now is a great time to reflect on what you've accomplished and think about what you'd like to achieve next. The recent years have been challenging for much of the manufacturing industry. Unforeseen global events caused numerous problems and created many obstacles that had to be overcome to remain competitive.
Metrol Motion Control are a design and manufacturing company that prides itself on delivering high-quality, competitively priced motion control components, including: 
We strive to not only rise to these challenges and maintain our current level of success but to aim for new heights of excellence. We have made great strides toward achieving our goals this year, and we would like to share those successes here as well as our hopes for the future.

Expanding Into New Frontiers

At Metrol Motion Control, we constantly pursue new opportunities to improve our business and provide a superior service for our clients. In March, we achieved one of our long-term goals of establishing a permanent business presence in Ireland. We took pride in announcing the launch of our new website for Metrol Motion Control Ireland.
This was in response to our growing customer base in the region. We wanted to establish the website to provide more detailed information on our available products, such as our adjustable gas struts and increase our support of our sales team in Ireland. We believe that local representation is key to providing effective application-based solutions. By supporting our team in Ireland, we are confident we can offer a personal service that will meet our customers' needs.
We were also the first host of the inaugural Lesjofors UK sales conference. Since 2020, Metrol has enjoyed a profitable relationship as part of the Lesjofors group. During this time, we have been able to modify and expand our product range significantly thanks to our connections with over 40 manufacturing and sales locations worldwide.
Hosting this first meeting involved an extensive factory tour along with technical presentations. As a result, we feel that we were able to enrich the skill sets of our existing sales team as well as share valuable information with our business contacts. We also discussed introducing several new initiatives that we believe will make us the most competitive supplier in the UK market.

Returning to Exhibitions and Trade Shows

We firmly believe in the importance of exhibitions and trade shows for helping to build positive relationships between businesses. In addition, members of our motion control team have found that attending the various shows and exhibitions across the country provides us with an invaluable personal touch that is difficult to replicate over a video call.
Data Center World London March show at the ExCel London exhibition centre was an inspiring event for our team. One of the most significant gatherings of specialist engineers worldwide discussed manufacturing and digital infrastructures. We used the opportunity to showcase our new electronically locking swing handles, an already quite popular addition.
MACH 2022 was the first of several exhibitions we attended in April. It consisted of a fantastic few days being a part of a showcase of advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques for over 25,000 visitors. The combination of seminars and networking opportunities was an opportunity our two experts, Gareth Knight and Thomas Bulmer, couldn't afford to miss.
The Commercial Vehicle show is the UK's leading trade exhibition for the transport, distribution and logistics sector. Our team was eager to showcase our vast range of motion control products and their many applications within this vital area.
Lamma and Lamma 365 was a fantastic opportunity to promote our range's versatility amongst many agricultural sector representatives.
The Northern Ireland Manufacturing and Supply chain Conference and exhibition was a particularly exciting attendance for our team. Held in Belfast, this was an excellent chance to further support our sales team in Ireland and showcase the best of our Motion Control and tooling products.
Hillhead exhibition was our most recent appearance. Taking place in June, this event was the largest showcase of the UK's Quarrying, construction and recycling capabilities. With roughly 18,500 visitors to this year's event, it was one of the busiest exhibitions the organisation hosted. During the few days we were there, we took every opportunity to showcase our diverse product range and to share our vast technical expertise with the visitors.

Exploring New Opportunities

We are proud of our accomplishments this year, especially in our high attendance for the year's exhibitions and trade shows, and we plan to continue embracing these crucial events for the rest of the year.
You can find our motion control experts exhibiting our high-quality products at various events across the country. The Emergency Service show and the Manufacturing and Supply chain Conference are the next two you can expect to see us at.
If you want to take the opportunity to meet in person and discuss any of your business needs, then keep an eye on our website as well as our LinkedIn page for further updates on the shows we plan to attend.