Accuride DZ5343 Drawer Runners and Slides Featuring Hold In and Anti Tilt

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Metrol Springs
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  • DZ5343-0035-1
    Slide Length: 350mm, Load Rating: 85Kg, Sold as: Individually
    5 - 25
  • DZ5343-0040-1
    Slide Length: 400mm, Load Rating: 90Kg, Sold as: Individually
  • DZ5343-0045-1
    Slide Length: 450mm, Load Rating: 95Kg, Sold as: Individually
  • DZ5343-0050-1
    Slide Length: 500mm, Load Rating: 100Kg, Sold as: Individually
  • DZ5343-0055-1
    Slide Length: 550mm, Load Rating: 95Kg, Sold as: Individually
    5 - 25
  • DZ5343-0060-1
    Slide Length: 600mm, Load Rating: 85Kg, Sold as: Individually
    5 - 25
  • DZ5343-0065-1
    Slide Length: 650mm, Load Rating: 80Kg, Sold as: Individually
  • DZ5343-0070-1
    Slide Length: 700mm, Load Rating: 70Kg, Sold as: Individually
More Information
Available Load Ratings 70Kg, 80Kg, 85Kg, 90Kg, 95Kg, 100Kg
Slide Lengths 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm
Travel Range 355mm, 430mm, 480mm, 530mm, 580mm, 630mm, 680mm, 730mm
Features Hold In, Anti-Tilt / Interlock
Extension 100%
Finish Zinc Plate & Blue Passivate (DZ)
Height 53.1mm
Thickness 19.1mm
Fixings Included No
Sold as Individually
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Accuride CAD files
  • DZ5343-0035 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0040 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0045 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0050 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0055 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0060 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0065 STEP FILE
  • DZ5343-0070 STEP FILE