Why use Metrol Variable Gas Struts?

Why use Metrol Variable Gas Struts?
Our variable gas struts are supplied at full charge pressure, which allows you to release the pressure a little at a time until you are happy with the force (after the strut is installed in your application). The versatility of these struts makes them some of our most in-demand products.
In this article, we’ll explore why you should be using Metrol variable force gas struts

Ordering the Correct Gas Strut for Your Application 

Choosing the correct force for your gas strut and its application can be tricky. Variable struts are delivered at maximum pressure, though this can be reduced through a side valve to suit your specific application. Variable struts are ideal for prototypes, bespoke jobs or applications where a single strut model is used on various lids or hatches that require different pressures.
We recommend using our free gas strut design service if you’re installing a strut on a new application or replacing a strut with different dimensions or force. We can only accurately suggest a specific gas strut when we have full details of its application.

Fitting a Variable Gas Strut

You should always fit the gas struts with the cylinder uppermost; this prevents oil escaping while venting and keeps the internal seals lubricated for optimum lifespan. Using the allen key provided, undo the grub screw anti-clockwise a quarter turn and vent gas for 1 second, retightening the grub screw. It’s important not to overtighten the grub screw. 
You should repeat this process on the second gas strut, venting an equal amount. Only release the pressure in short bursts to avoid venting too much gas. Each 1 second burst will lower the force by approximately 20N - 50N depending on the range.
Now it’s time to test the application by attempting to close the panel and repeat the venting process (if the struts are still too powerful). Once the gas struts have been adjusted, gently brush the grub screw with washing up liquid. If gas can be seen bubbling through the liquid, then the grub screw requires further tightening. For advice on how to safely mount gas struts call our technical line: 01604 499332.

End Fittings, Brackets and Degassing 

If you are unsure which end fittings or brackets to use, please refer to our gas strut design service. We advise the use of ball joints where possible. Utilising ball joints enables you to prolong the life of the gas strut and reduces strain on the end fittings by removing the risk of side loading. 
To degas your variable force gas strut, insert the allen key into the valve at the base of the strut (the brass coloured collar) and turn anti-clockwise a quarter turn, venting the gas for 1 second at a time. This will release a small amount of gas to allow fine adjustments.
Gas struts are filled with high-pressure nitrogen and should be protected from damage at all times. You should never open, modify, drill, weld or subject gas struts to excessive heat.
gas strut degassing

Adjustable, Rechargeable Gas Struts 

Our variable gas struts can be adjusted and are charged to the maximum pressure (which you can reduce). However, if you degas a strut too much, it will need to be returned to the factory for regassing.
Our gas struts are manufactured from stainless steel 316 and offer the greatest protection against rust and other forms of corrosion and degradation. As a variable gas strut, they can also be recharged to provide even greater longevity. When ordering the stainless steel variant of the variable force Pro-Line strut, please remember to add 5mm to the body length.
One of the main benefits of purchasing gas struts from Metrol is that the valve is on the side of the strut, so you can adjust it in-situ (many of our competitor's struts need to be removed to perform adjustments). This makes our products perfect for prototype applications or applications where the strut size is the same, but the force required may vary due to different weights and parameters between jobs.

Custom Gas Struts 

If you cannot find the specific size you are looking for amongst our standard range of gas struts, please get in touch, and we can discuss your requirements for a custom made gas strut. 

High-quality Variable Gas Struts from Metrol

Metrol Springs are part of the Lesjofors Group with a full UK manufacturing facility. Our team covers the whole process from initial design and concept to development, prototype, testing, and finally, full production. 
We work closely with our clients to guarantee every detail is covered every step of the way, and most of our products are available from stock for next-day delivery. You can be assured of satisfaction and confidence in Metrol as a key supplier and partner.
If you’d like to find out more about our variable force gas struts or have any questions about our other products, please contact us, call us directly on +44(0)1604 499 332 or email [email protected].