Gas Strut Selection and Free Design Service

gas struts design service

For specialist help on which gas strut to use and where to fix them, take advantage of our free design service. StrutsDirect engineers have many years of experience with a wide range of applications and are able to advise what is required.
Simple steps to fit a gas strut to your application!

1. Select the type of lid on your application.
2. Fill in the dimensions and information requested and submit the form.
3. We will return the form with the recommended struts and fixing positions, parts list, prices and a direct link the page where you can purchase online.
4. Place your order online and receive the struts next day!



Please select which Lid type you require help with:
Horizontal to vertical lid type
Vertical to horizontal lid type
Angled horizontal to vertical lid type
Counter flap lid type
For special applications, please call our technical team on 01604 499 332 or email a PDF or AutoCAD drawing to [email protected]. You can also fax your application drawing to 01604 493390