10mm Plastic Protection Tube

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Material Plastic
Compatibility NS-FF-10 / NS-V-10
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At Metrol Motion Control, we are the reliable supplier you need for 10mm plastic protection tubes. 
We offer a diverse range of sizes and specifications so you will find the perfect option for your application needs here. We guarantee complete protective coverage of your piston rod as we have many years of experience providing UK businesses with the highest quality components available online.

10mm Plastic Protection Tubes for Gas Struts

These tubes are cylindrical sleeves with a material thickness of 10mm and are suitable for use with NS-FF, NS-V and NS-SS Nitro-Struts. Their role is to protect the piston elements of gas struts. Plastic protection tubes cover a piston rod and protect it against dents and scratches. Without coverage from a 10mm plastic protection tube, contamination and impact damage will harm the sealing components and decrease the piston's lifecycle with early failure. 

These 10mm protection tubes come with a nylon collar that successfully eliminates any concerns about contamination reaching the rod at the vulnerable connection points of the strut. Additionally, the nylon collar provides extra stability that further enhances the product's longevity, especially when exposed to lateral loads or vibrations.

Where Are 10mm Plastic Protection Tubes Used?

Many businesses require products from an experienced gas strut manufacturer, and those struts will need effective protection against damage and contamination. Industrial, commercial, and even infrastructure environments use gas struts for a wide variety of applications. However, our tubes are most needed in areas where there are excessive particulates or weather exposure to guarantee the longevity of the strut.

UK Supplier of Plastic Protection Tubes

We are the UK's leading supplier of highly effective and essential 10mm plastic protection tubes. If you're designing a new product or application, we encourage you to download our product CAD files to assess the effectiveness of our tubes and struts in your design. 
If you want to improve your current strut protection, our 10mm protection tubes can be retrofitted to any struts, even ones in use.

Ordering your Struts Online

We have a full range of stroke lengths from 100mm to 500mm, and they are all compatible with Nitro Struts. We have the plastic variant available in MOBLEN PA66GF30 and a stainless steel option in 316 SS to guarantee that you'll find the perfect solution for your application requirements.

Custom sizes are available on request. When ordering your custom-length gas strut protection tubes, first consider whether you need the tube to be either PPT6, MPT6, or SSMPT6. Then, for the first two options, finalise your tube length requirement by millimetres.

Contact us directly, and we will discuss your application requirements and what protection tube is best for it.