Two-Way Travel

Metrol Motion Control is a specialist motion control supplier based in the UK. We stock the best and most diverse two-way travel systems on the market: Accuride drawer slides are precision engineered with cutting edge technology to ensure longevity, ease of motion and reliability.

What Are They?

As the name suggests, two-way travel slides are mechanisms that move linearly outwards in one direction, providing extension, and then also move outwards, by the same amount, on the same plane but 180 degrees in the other direction. They allow, for example, drawers to open from both sides of a cabinet. They are particularly useful in healthcare settings, providing increased ease of access to medical equipment.

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Finishes Available at Metrol

Our two-way travel systems come in three different finishes: Zinc Plate & Blue Passivate (DZ); Zinc Plate & Black Passivate (DB); and Aluminium (DA). The brackets after the finish reflect the codes used in the Accuride product catalogue. All finishes are durable; however, the aluminium slides are most appropriate for harsh or clinical environments.


Our slides also come with different features, such as hold in and hold out options. This means force is required to both open or close the drawers. Depending on your application, this can provide increased motion control and easier operation. The two-way travel slides are available with load ratings from 24KG to 270KG. No matter what you require them for, we are confident that we will have the right product for you.

Common Uses of Two-Way Slides

As already mentioned, they are particularly well suited for use in clinical trolleys; however, they are also commonly used in kitchen islands and on factory floors for increased tool accessibility. The extension range of motion varies from 100% extension to 75% extension. If you need any help selecting the correct slides for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Order Online from Metrol

We try to keep all our two-way travel slides in stock. However, if you find an item you need is currently out of stock, please get in touch to determine when the item will be available again. On the other hand, if the product you require is in stock and you order to a UK address on a working day, you can benefit from Express or Next Day delivery. Our DPD courier will ensure the safe shipment of your items. You can find more information about UK shipping, including the cutoff times for each of the above delivery options. We also offer international delivery.