Soft Close (EC) Slides

What are Soft Close Drawer Slides?

Soft close drawer slides (also known as easy close) create a slow, quiet and controlled closing mechanism for drawers and prevent heavy drawers from slamming shut. They can be diverse, with additional features such as hold-in soft close functionality.

Advantages of Soft Close Drawer Slides

Soft close uses a damping mechanism to ensure smooth and controlled closing of the drawer or unit and often assist in pulling the drawer closed the last few inches. This is particularly advantageous for several reasons. The main benefit is that it increases the longevity of the drawers, hinges, and cabinetry. It can also help create a calming feel in the home by removing the noise of cabinet doors and drawers slamming. It keeps cabinetry looking neat and tidy and prevents children from trapping fingers in drawers.

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Common Uses

The most common use of soft-close drawer slides is in premium kitchen cabinetry. Most luxury cabinet manufacturers and fitters will choose soft close drawers. They are also used for industrial drawers, ensuring heavy duty drawer slides full of equipment do not slam, which increases ease of use on the factory floor.

Metrol’s Slides

We have a wide range of soft close slides available at Metrol. You can narrow down the suitable slides by using our slide selector feature below. Using the filters, you can choose load ratings from 43KG up to 100KG, minimum travel length from 0-99mm to 1099mm+, finishes with zinc plate and blue or black passivate, and brackets as optional extras. All the slides in the range have 100% extension ranges and are sold in pairs.

Order Online Today

The soft close drawer slides are available to order online at Metrol, providing they are in stock at the time of order. In addition, all our Accuride drawer slides can be shipped to the UK or internationally. If you have any further questions about our slides range or any other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.