DIN 472 Retaining Rings for Bores

We manufacture a range of specifications for DIN 272 retaining rings. With our many years of manufacturing experience, our Motion Control division can supply large or small batches of these vital components to the highest quality standards.

Retaining rings and circlips are designed to prevent lateral movement. They are commonly chosen as additions to bearing assemblies and manufactured as semi-flexible metal rings. DIN 472 designs are axially assembled retaining rings perfect for boreholes. These circular, thin metal pressings will limit the movement of connected machine components. You can download our complete spring and wire form catalogue to learn more about our range of specifications.

Also known as a DIN 472 circlip, these widely used components also reduce vibration and make sure that the machine parts remain in their installed location within the assembly. In addition, DIN 472 rings have a tapered design that allows for uniform circular deformation and safe contact with the machined groove of the bore or housing.

DIN 472 Circlips at Metrol Motion Control

Metrol Motion Control supplies DIN 472 circlips in the highest grade materials using the latest advanced manufacturing methods. We choose spring steel CK 67 with a protective finish of oiled phosphate, so you can be confident that your components will not let you down.

It should be noted that electroplating a spring steel DIN 472 will potentially cause hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen embrittlement will lead to metal cracking and damage the application in which they are installed. Additionally, it is vital that when installed, these rings should not be over-compressed. Use pliers with a spread limiter to prevent over-compression.

We've got all you need for your next project. Each of our specifications comes with a downloadable CAD file that can supply you with essential data to assist your machine design process. If you'd like any technical support before you order with us, feel free to call us on 01604 499332 during office hours. Alternatively, you can use our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours. For any enquires from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected].


Spring steel CK 67


Phosphate and oiled