Stainless Steel Tensioning Washers

Compliant with DIN 6796, our stainless steel tensioning washers are robustly dimensioned and designed for use in medium or high load screw joints.

The high spring force of tensioning washers affords effective protection against relaxation and creep — when joints are exposed to high stresses and movements resulting from thermal expansion or contraction. In such instances, tensioning washers replace conventional lock washers.

Tensioning washers can be stacked in series and/or parallel. Series stacking increases the available deflection of the spring stack while parallel stacking increases the force. The desired installation for tensioning washers is as near flat as possible.

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FL = Free Length

F1 = Maximum Force

h min = min dimension after setting test acc to DIN 267-26

Min residual spring force = after load with the contact force and release through a travel of 20 μm

Contact force = forces for the setting test, acc to DIN267-26

Stainless steel range:

Material: EN 1.4568 (X 7 CrNiAl 17-7 / SS 2388)
Working temperature: max 350 °C

1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp

Bespoke range:

If required, untreated spring washers can also be supplied direct from the factory. Spring washers in custom sizes and special materials, e.g. stainless, acid proof, phospor bronze, Alloy 718 or Alloy 90, can be produced upon request.

Stainless steel range:

New range of tensioning spring washers according to DIN 6796. We are using material EN 1.4568 (X 7 CrNiAl 17-7 / SS 2388) instead of regular stainless spring steel in order to:

  • Achieve better fatigue properties
  • Retain spring properties for a longer time
  • Resist high operating temperature (up to 350 °C)