Wave Spring Washers

You can find the highest quality wave spring washers here at Metrol Motion Control as part of our extensive wire springs range. These durable washers are an excellent choice for a variety of thrust loading-related applications as well as provide slight deflection within a confined radial space. We can manufacture a wave spring washer for bearing to any required specification and in small or large batches to ensure that each of our customers gets exactly what they need for their desired application.


F1 = Force in Newtons


Stainless spring steel: EN 10270-3-1.4310, Other CK 67



1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp


High-Quality Wave Spring Washers

Bearing spring washers, wave springs, and coiled wave springs all fall under the same name as a wave spring washer. These practical components are designed to absorb stress due to axial compressive loads. This function allows these durable pieces to act as a cushion by providing 3, 4 or 6 contact points and a greater load-bearing capacity alongside a medium deflection range. These effective washers are commonly used to help offset tolerance deviations in an application's assembly and significantly reduce loosening due to exposure to vibrations.

Bespoke Wave Spring Washer for Bearing at Metrol Motion Control

Ensuring you choose the right specification for your wave spring washers is essential. The height and material thickness dictate the load function that your wave springs will be able to achieve. If you’d like technical support before placing your order with us, consider the list below when downloading our documentation and CAD files to suit your desired specification.

Additionally, you can contact us directly either by calling us on 01604 499332 during office hours or using our enquiry form, and a company representative will reply within 48 hours. For any enquires from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please email us at [email protected].