1120 Stainless Steel 304 Swing Handle with Dust Cap

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Lock Types Double Bit 4mm, HS8 Profile, Key Locking 333 (KEY333 Profile, Keys supplied), Square 7mm
Colour/Finish Polished
Material Nylon 6 GF30 Rear Cap, SS304 Body, SS304 Shaft, Stainless Steel 304
Panel Cutout 25x50mm
Panel Thickness 2mm
Barrel Height 18mm
IP Rating IP65
Model 1120
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1120 Stainless Steel 304 Swinghandle with Dust Cap - Finish / Material options are Stainless Steel 304, Lock Types options are KEY333 Profile, Double Bit 4mm, Square 7mm, HS8 Profile, Panel Cutout options are 25x50mm, Grip Height options are 18mm

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  • 1120-1P03-C
    Shutter: Yes, Lock Type: Double Bit 4mm
  • 1120-1P04-C
    Shutter: Yes, Lock Type: Square 7mm
  • 1120-1P01-C
    Shutter: Yes, Lock Type: HS8 Profile
  • 1120-1P02-C
    Shutter: Yes, Lock Type: Key Locking 333 (KEY333 Profile, Keys supplied)
  • 1120-1P03-NC
    Shutter: No, Lock Type: Double Bit 4mm
  • 1120-1P04-NC
    Shutter: No, Lock Type: Square 7mm
  • 1120-1P01-NC
    Shutter: No, Lock Type: HS8 Profile
  • 1120-1P02-NC
    Shutter: No, Lock Type: Key Locking 333 (KEY333 Profile, Keys supplied)
  • 1120-1P01-C.STP