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Double Torsion Springs

Our cylindrical wound torsion springs with double coils are suitable for axial loads, i.e. a circular movement.

When loaded, the wire is exposed to a deflection, and generally, the inside body diameter is mounted on a shaft or similar. Mounting must always be carried out so that there is play between the inner diameter and the shaft.

The load of a double torsion spring must be applied so that the torque application binds the spring, as it is strongest in this direction. To minimise the friction against the shaft you should use fixed tension ends.

These springs have a linear spring characteristic. For example, if the spring is turned 10° to provide a torque of 1 Nmm, the same spring will give a torque of 2 Nmm at 20° torsion.

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TC = Number of sprung coils
R = Spring Rate, Nmm per degree of torque


EN 10270-3-1.4310

1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp