Corrosion Resistant Slides

Metrol Motion Control offers the best motion control technology on the market, supplying Accuride drawer slides to a wide range of industries. In this range, we have selected those with enhanced corrosion resistance properties.

The Need for Corrosion Resistance Slides

Corrosion resistant slides are essential if you require drawer slides for use in an outdoor, wet, chemical or clinical environment. At Metrol, our corrosion-resistant slides are made from high-grade stainless steel 304, aluminium, or have an organo mineral coating. The most corrosion-resistant slides we have on offer are aluminium; however, stainless steel is also highly corrosion-resistant.

What Are They Used For?

They are commonly used in healthcare, military, marine, laboratory and food settings. The slides are antibacterial, resistant to high temperatures and can be cleaned with chloride solutions without wear.

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The Corrosion Resistant Slides Range at Metrol

In our range, you will find slides with varying different specifications. Our slides have travel lengths ranging from 138-1540mm, slide lengths from 148-1500mm, load rating from 15KG to 600KG. The range also includes extensions of 75%, 100% and 100+% of slide length, and two-way travel systems. You can use the filter option to select thickness, finish and any other specifications you desire in your corrosion resistant slides.

Order Online Today from Metrol

Providing the corrosion resistant slides you require are in stock, they can arrive the next working day if you are based in the UK. Our DPD courier offers Next Day and Express delivery options as long as you order before certain times and only applies to working days. You can find our UK shipping details and international shipping details here at Metrol. 
If you require any assistance selecting the more appropriate corrosion resistant slides for your needs, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Metrol. We have many years of experience finding motion control solutions for our clients and customers, and we will be more than happy to help.